You have bought your office pod. It is now neatly placed in a spot with high foot traffic. What now? For the novice, questions about furniture and decorating one’s pod may pop up in your head. Well, today, we share some recommendations for pods of different sizes. 

Small office pods & phone booths

Solo pods, which normally measure about 1.05m in length, are targeted for individual usage. This allows one to take a call in private instantly. So, a round bar table and a barstool would suffice.


For a slightly bigger solo plus pod which approximately measures up to 1.40m in length, it allows for a prolonged and comfortable pod experience as the pod can accommodate a long table and an accompanying swivel chair.



Two-seater office & meeting pods

Two-seaters are suitable for face-to-face meetings and private chats with clients and colleagues. Depending on the office’s interior design, one can either opt to go corporate or casual.

A leather sofa can make the pod look sleek and professional while bean bags can give the phone booth a modern and laid back atmosphere.



Meeting pods

Meeting pods normally measure around 2m in length and are able to facilitate group conversations and collaborations. Such pods can allow up to four to eight users. Choosing the right furniture is essential to ensuring users spend their time more comfortably in the pod.



Buying over-the-counter furniture vs getting them from the pod supplier

It is immensely hard to find pod furniture due to the limited space in the pods. Hence, choices are very limited. Moreover, some furniture can impede access to power points or flexible entry and exit. Subsequently, many turn to customisation, which further inflates costs and makes it less cost-effective to house booths in the office.

As such, do check with the pods suppliers as they sometime supply the furniture that fits the pod. One of them is InstaPod. Each of their pod comes with complementary furniture that are fitted to size and designed for function, all the while looking sleek and stylish. This saves a ton of money and hassle from having to scour for the right furniture.



For one, InstaPod’s solo pods are fitted with ample desk space and height-adjustable stool. Snugly built to circumvent plug points and ventilation, the furniture is perfect for the pod’s space.



The furniture for InstaPod Duo and Quad also come with minimalist yet functional furniture that facilitate the ease of coffee chats and group meetings. Once more, power points are accessible. As for the Quad, this allows more than enough room for a television to be installed at the back. This can facilitate presentations, project meetings, and even video calls.

Upgrades are available for the aforementioned Duo and Quad too! Here, this goes further to offer extra comfort and aesthetics in an office setting. Form-fitting furniture like the following is challenging to find but InstaPod readily caters that for their customers. 



Do check with your pod supplier for promotions as some of them may offer you a better deal if you buy the pod and their furniture altogether. Some pod supplier like InstaPod can even further customise it.

At last, make a visit to their showroom to have a look and feel before making a decision.

InstaPod’s showroom is located within walking distance from Tuas West MRT station. It is recommended to make an appointment before making a trip down. To contact them, please click here.