office pods at trade shows

Why You Should Consider Getting Pods for Your Next Trade Show

Soundproof pods – quiet, comfortable, and private – are growing increasingly integral in our everyday lives. Whether it is to pick up a private phone...
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Must-Have Furniture for Office Pods & Phone Booths

You have bought your office pod. It is now neatly placed in a spot with high foot traffic. What now? For the novice, questions about...
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Privacy Phone Booths As The Winning Solution To Small Spaces 

With privacy phone booths, you can maximise any space you have, regardless of how limited it may be. Have you ever wondered how to make...
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How Office Pods is viable if You Want to Make Your Room Soundproof   

Living in the hustle and bustle of the city of Singapore can be stressful for one seeking quietness and peace at home. The sounds of...
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Looking for a large meeting room or a bigger privacy booth? 

As we gradually shift back to face-to-face work and hybrid meetings, the colossal changes and upheavals brought about by Covid-19 has also seen how a...
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Outdoor Pods for the Backyard 

Outdoor office pods are a modern hangout space that is an extension of one’s living space by providing a quiet pocket away from the main...
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