plan in advance

InstaPod’s Delivery and Installation Timeline

When you place an order for an InstaPod, our goal is to have it delivered and installed within 2-4 weeks*, provided that ready stocks are available. We recommend planning ahead with this timeline in mind when purchasing a pod.

Order Pod

Initiate the process by confirming your pod selection with our sales team and providing the required information, such as delivery address and contact details.


Confirm Payment

Once you’ve placed your order, our finance department will be sending you an invoice for payment. Kindly ensure that full payment is made prior to delivery.


Schedule Delivery

Our team will reach out to you to schedule a convenient delivery time that aligns with your preferences.


Professional Installation

On the scheduled day, our in-house installers will arrive to set up your pod at the specified location.


Quality Assurance Check

Following installation, our installers will conduct a quality assurance check to ensure optimal functionality of the pod.


Customer Orientation

In addition, our installers will provide guidance on the features and functionalities of the pod to ensure that you maximise its utility. 



Congratulations! Your InstaPod is now ready for use. 


*Please note that timelines may extend for customised pods or during festive seasons, such as Christmas or Lunar New Year. Kindly reach out to our sales team for a more precise estimation of the required lead time.

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