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In the bustling world of modern work, our story at Podigy begins with a simple yet profound realisation – the challenge of finding a quiet space to work. 

InstaPod's purpose is to enhance the way we work, by offering innovative pod solutions that promote productivity, privacy and instill peace of mind.


Our founders, driven by the frustration of constantly battling noise distractions in various settings, embarked on a mission to redefine the workspace experience. This quest led to the birth of our flagship brand - InstaPod. The vision was clear: to create a haven of tranquility that could be set up instantly.

In line with this vision, InstaPod was meticulously designed with sound reduction features, versatility, and mobility. It ensures immediate peace of mind in various settings, catering to diverse needs. Whether you find yourself at a trade show, office, or co-working space, or seek a private space for a call, one-on-one discussion, or confidential meeting, there's an InstaPod tailored for you. Elevate your environment with us today.

About us

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