Getting a pod for the first time?

Here are some things to take note of before getting your pod.

Determine What You Need it For

The pods are available in various sizes for different needs – be it for private phone calls, podcast recording sessions or confidential meetings. Kindly refer to our Pod Recommendation Guide for an idea of which size to get based on your requirements. 

Space for the Pod

Ensure that you have sufficient space for the pod(s) you are getting. Kindly refer to the dimensions of our pods on our Shop page.

Door Opening

Ensure sufficient space for the pod door to open comfortably, allowing easy access.

Cable Length

Plan for power sources by checking the cable length required for your InstaPod installation.

Minimum Distance Between the Pod and the Ceiling

Ensure there is ample space between the pod and the ceiling to maintain unrestricted ventilation in and out of the pod.

Minimum Height Allowance for Lift

Consider the diagonal door length to ensure compatibility with lift dimensions.

Access to Lift/Door

Confirm smooth access for InstaPod transportation into your space.

Access Hours and Permits

Coordinate with property management or event organisers to secure access during installation times. Check and obtain necessary permits.

Floor Loading Weight

Verify that your building’s lift can support the weight of InstaPods during installation.

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