InstaPod Solo Plus


Single-user office work pod with added space for extended comfort during long work sessions.


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Numero Series – InstaPod Solo Plus

Exterior Colour: White
Interior Colour: Light Grey

Tempered glass door with lockset
8mm thickened tempered glass
Casters and bearings
Non-slip carpeting

1 x 36W energy-saving LED white ceiling lamp
2 x power socket with 1 x USB Type A Port and 1 x USB Type C Port (fast charging) each
1 x double switch
1 x 220V universal power supply

Built-in exhaust fan ventilation
2 x exhaust fan

External: 1.4m (W) x 1.25m (D) x 2.30m (H)
Internal: 1.23m (W) x 1.18m (D) x 2.02m (H)
Weight: 410kg

Power Source: 12V5A; 48W
LED input (W): 30cm LED 36W
25cm exhaust (W): 8.4W x 2
Total input: 52.8W
Socket Output Value: 250V 13A max 2860W
Shared USB Charging Output: 20W, 5V / 4.2A (max) (USB A: 5V / 2.4A, USB C: 5V / 3A)

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office pod - carpet (numero) office pod - secured lock (numero) office pod - switch (numero)
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Weight 410 kg
Dimensions 140 × 125 × 230 cm