The privacy pods or office phone booth is commonly used in the office as a form of safe space, away from noise and distractions. In a day, employees may find themselves having to switch from team work to individual work, so office pods give an added bonus for employees to choose an alternative work environment. Should employees need a private space to work in or take private phone calls, they can hop into an privacy booth, plug in their laptop chargers and work in it so that they can focus better. 

Additionally, office privacy pods are dynamic and need not just be used as a working space; its usage is dependent on the needs of the users and how they reimagine private spaces.


Reimagining Office Pods

  1. Karaoke Booth

Covid-19 has put a toll on the mental health of many. In a survey on 1000 respondents conducted in March earlier this year, 7 in 10 employees and employers feel stressed by Covid-19 and among them, close to one-fifth feel “very stressed”.

One way to manage stress healthily and without much cost is through singing!

Studies have shown that singing is a natural antidepressant- when you sing, your body releases endorphins, which are chemicals that make you happy. Singing can reduce stress levels by lowering the cortisol levels (a hormone released when one is stressed), easing tension and helping one to relax. Furthermore, it can improve blood flow and oxygen to the brain which improves mental function, alertness and concentration.

Since the pods are soundproof, offices can consider allowing employees to use the privacy pods as a Karaoke booth during lunch breaks. The traditional KTV will require at least one hour of booking so the office phone booths can offer a better alternative for a short singing break. This could help boost employee morale by giving them the space to release stress while boosting concentration.

People who love to sing can consider getting a privacy booth at home to sing alone or with friends, at any time of the day without having to be too conscious of your neighbours!

2. Voice or Video Recording Booth  

For music lovers and audiophiles, you will need a perfect space for recording without external noises. Office phone booths function as a mini studio as they can remove or reduce background noise, allowing for voice, video and music recording.

Furthermore, in this era of podcasts and live streaming, companies looking to reach out to the younger audiences may find the office phone booth a perfect place to stream from. The office privacy pod allows you to record sounds and videos without external disturbance and does not interfere with office Wi-Fi.

3. Public Work Booths

The ease of mobility of office pods mean workspaces can be created outside the office. 

Office pods are increasingly common in shopping malls for rent, with simple amenities and Wi-Fi. This is great for those who need a change in working environment, yet are not allowed to go back to the office.

4. Lactation Pods

Breastfeeding mothers returning to the workplace have called for more workplace support in Singapore.

Mothers may find themselves having no choice but to express milk in the toilet. The smell can be unbearable and nursing mothers may not be able to express milk fully which can cause infections. Then Senior Minister of State for Health Amy Khor had encouraged employers to support mothers if they want to continue breastfeeding after returning to work.

A 2011 National Breastfeeding Survey showed that breastfeeding rates dropped after mothers returned to work, and one of the reasons was due to the lack of facilities. Besides expressing milk in the toilet, some mothers ended up pumping in meeting rooms but have to worry about others having to use the rooms anytime. 

While small- and medium- sized enterprises may face space and financial constraints, the office privacy pod are comparatively lower cost and can be converted into lactation pods for a sanitary, comfortable and private space for nursing mothers. Having a pod in the office will not take up too much space yet is more easily accessible for mothers to quickly attend to their children. 

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