Why the need for private pod in an office setting?

“Flow” is a concept coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, which describes a state when one is so focused on the work that they become one with the task. Distractions disappear and it is just them and the work. Distraction does not just come in the form of mindless thoughts, but scientists argue that distraction first starts out visually as a result of an evolutionary adaptation human beings developed to avoid predators. 

Private pod and office booths create an enclosed space that is not only soundproof but allows a visual blockage from distractions in the office. Yet it does not compromise on convenience as private pod typically come with power outlets and a table top so employers need not move around the office looking to charge their electronic devices. Private pod and office booths come in a variety of sizes. They could be big enough for a person to make a phone call; some are larger for a group to have conference calls. 

Soundproof office pods have become increasingly popular among companies, including MNCs and SMEs to help employers enter into a “flow state” to increase focus and hence productivity. 


Why Private Pods?

Currently, the millennials are the largest segment in the workplace and by 2025, 75 percent of the global workforce is expected to be made up of millennials. While many employees are still working from home, this is a good time to relook at office spaces to suit the needs of the millennials to create a productive work environment. 

As workplaces transformed from open offices to closed offices and then to open offices once again to usher a new age of teamwork, offices would have to respond to a new generation of employers who value choice and flexibility more than having spread out spaces to work. Giving millennials choice over where and how they want to work is coveted because it gives them a sense of control

Especially since COVID-19 restrictions in the offices were put in place, employers are now given a choice to work from home or in office should employers allow. In fact, more than 42% of employees in Singapore prefer a hybrid work arrangement because they recognise that there is a need for the office for collaboration and connecting with people, yet appreciate the privacy of working from home, a respite from offices which can get quite loud at times. 

The private pods therefore help to balance the need for collaboration in an open office and the need for privacy. They also allow employees to have more choices to work at, in the office. 

Problems with Current Working Environment

The key issues of open offices are distraction and noise, which affect personal relationships at the office negatively. Some experience uncooperative behaviour while many complain about the lack of privacy as they get the sense that they are observed all the time.

The problem of excessive noise in the office does not only apply to open offices but even in offices with cubicles. Although offices with cubicles have acoustic panels to absorb sound and block voices from 3 metres away (compared to open offices where one is able to hear people up to 20m away), the problem with cubicles is that it gives people the illusion of privacy. Therefore, they may not be aware of their surroundings and end up speaking louder than needed. 

Problems with Current Working Environment

MNCs and SMEs are increasingly turning to private pods to improve the workplace environment.

SMEs with smaller offices will find the mobility and size of the office pods convenient to fit into the office. Furthermore, employees who need to handle private data will find that the soundproof office pod useful. 

MNCs with more employees working together on the same floor will find office pods needed for its soundproofing function. 

Also, rather than having to take up an entire conference room just to talk to another remote working employee, with the pods, employees can choose to work in them to take private phone calls or have a better environment to concentrate on work. 

Therefore, companies could consider to explore private pods for a conducive workplace for employees.

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