plan in advance

Pod Placement

Create instant private spaces at any location with InstaPod. Whether it’s for trade shows, offices, co-working spaces, malls, or any other setting, explore how you can strategically set up these pods to optimise your space.
privacy in bustling crowds

Trade Shows

Transform your trade show experience with InstaPods. Creating a private oasis amidst the bustling crowd.

seamless co-working

Offices / Co-working Spaces

Enhance productivity and collaboration in your office or co-working space.

peace and quiet at the mall

Shopping Malls

Elevate the shopping experience by offering a tranquil resting spot. InstaPod provides shoppers with a private retreat for relaxation.

working on the go

Airport Lounges

Make layovers more comfortable with InstaPods strategically placed within airport terminals, offering weary travellers a quiet refuge.