Refund and Returns Policy

Last updated 11th April 2023


  1. InstaPod reserves the right to determine whether a claim is warranted and decide whether a component should be repaired or replaced;
  2. Please note that the warranty is non-transferable;
  3. The physical appearance of products (including fittings & furniture) may vary from illustrations and images that are seen online and on print (including colour). InstaPod also updates its product offerings from time to time and will not be liable to exchange or refund the product based on the above reason.
  4. Upon expiry of the warranty, Customer shall be liable to pay for costs to replace the parts including labour and transport.
  5. InstaPod reserves the right to change these Warranty Terms from time to time at our sole discretion. Hence, please read the Warranty Terms prior to putting in an order.
  6. Every InstaPod unit is strictly non-refundable. 

What do customers need to do to get repairs/service under the warranty?

All InstaPod customers must show evidence of fully paid-up invoice(s) in order to qualify for warranty cover of InstaPods. 

For any on-site parts replacement or repair, customers must show proof of damage or defects to their authorized reseller within 14 days from acceptance of the delivery and installation of InstaPods (e.g. photos or videos). A surcharge of S$107.00 will be applicable 14 days from acceptance of the delivery and installation of InstaPods for any on-site replacement or repair. 

Timing of works are subject to availability and scheduled on Mon-Sat (9am – 5pm), excluding Public Holidays.

Warranty Coverage

  1. By default, 2-years on-site limited warranty coverage on the structure, paintwork and glass of the pod.
  2. One year on-site limited warranty coverage on the electrical (lighting, socket, exhaust fan, switch), hardware/consumables (lockset, wheel, carpet) and furniture by InstaPod (table, chair).
  3. Please note that replacement parts may differ from the original component;
  4. Replacement charges (including parts, labour & transport surcharge) will apply after warranty coverage period lapses. 

What does this Warranty not cover?

  1. Wear and tear;
  2. Damages or defects which are caused by self-inflicted or negligence;
  3. Improper operating temperature/environment;
  4. Product alteration or non-original parts installed by unofficial representatives;
  5. Power surge and electrical appliance with improper voltage;
  6. Excessive, unreasonable or improper usage;
  7. Force majeure (e.g. earthquake, floods, storms);
  8. Lack of regular maintenance;  
  9. Items which are provided free of charge

Warranty will be voided (partially or fully) upon discovery of points 2-9 Customer is responsible for advising its end-users regarding the proper use of InstaPod.