Why privacy booths is essential in offices nowadays?
Open-plan work spaces were once lauded as the best way to encourage collaboration and greater information flow, where, by 2014, 70% of the office space in America was reportedly open plan, anecdotes of office workers taking conference calls under their desks says otherwise. 

However, employers and workers alike are recognising that open-plan work spaces are uncomfortable, stressful, and – ironically – massively limiting in nature. 

One solution to such problems would be the use of privacy booths and office pods. These help companies achieve the vision of building an office that embraces versatility and hybrid spaces.

Read on to discover the top 5 reasons why you need privacy booths in your office now:

1. It provides increased privacy 

As its name suggests, privacy booths or office pods provides the option for users to access a private space for both personal and business reasons. It is natural for every individual to desire personal space, and this applies to the workplace as well. 

This is when privacy booths can act as an office phone booth for workers to take sensitive calls from one’s doctor, or when handling a family emergency for instance. It is also useful for conference and business calls where sensitive information is meant to be shared with certain levels of management, but not broadcast to all workers in the office. 

2. Increased privacy helps foster creativity and collaborative ideation 

The privacy offered by privacy booths helps office workers reflect and focus, which is essential towards brainstorming new ideas. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, office pods can help encourage collaborative ideation amongst a group. In fact, a quieter and more private space is more conducive towards fostering creativity and sharing unique ideas than a completely open-plan workplace, where the many individuals listening in may inhibit your desire to share an innovative and novel business plan. In fact, the riskier and potentially more profitable the idea is, the more it requires a private space to discuss and develop. 

3. It facilitates increased focus and productivity

Office pods are the way to go in a world where privacy is an important for workplace satisfaction. By installing office pods, employers are giving their employees more options to choose from to work at

Recall the annoyance and waves of frustration you have felt when you are attempting to focus on the task at hand, but keep getting completely derailed by noise or colleagues approaching you for a mid-day catch-up. While you may personally enjoy such conversations with your fellow workers, it is undoubtedly a burden when you are trying to meet that tight deadline and head home on time. 

Having several privacy booths and office pods situated at different areas of the office allows workers to retreat to a quiet zone to fully concentrate on the task at hand. It is also a polite signal to others that you are currently managing some time-sensitive work, and would be available to catch-up when it is done. 

4. It helps secure workplace information privacy and security 

Safeguarding information privacy and security is essential towards enabling the smooth operation of your business and reassuring your clients that their sensitive data is securely handled. Confidentiality is, of course, a key priority in business transactions and dealings.

A completely open-plan office makes it doubly difficult to ensure that sensitive information is not seen by the wrong pair of eyes. After all, with the absence of walls or partitions, monitor screens are free for all to see. Incorporating several office pods or privacy booths into this space would add a greater layer of security to your business’ daily operation, and an extra level of comfort to workers and clients alike. 

5. Its versatility means it can adapt to all office spaces

Privacy booths, such as the ones offered by InstaPod, are highly customisable and can be fairly mobile with the installation of wheels at its base. Incorporating privacy booths and office pods into your current office set-up is therefore extremely fuss-free and requires limited re-organisation. Its mobility also means it can adapt to changing office spaces, making it well-suited as a long-term addition to hybrid office work spaces that respond to the shifting needs of its users. 


Wholly open-plan offices are a thing of the past; it is now time to embrace privacy booths and the countless benefits they offer to create a more conducive environment for businesses to flourish. 

Check out InstaPod’s range of office pods now or drop us a message to see how we can best accommodate your specific needs!